Stop Operation Soros warns of Italian link in Macedonian wiretapping case

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Remarks by Mr. Nikola Srbov, during the Stop Operation Soros press conference on Wednesday, March 29th 2017

Respected members of the media. The Republic of Macedonia is under a strong attack in the most vital areas of the country and its society. Today Macedonia is faced with attacks on the security system, attacks on its civil society sector by corrupt NGOs, institutional attacks on the judicial system through para-institutions such as the Special Public Prosecutor. These attacks also endangered freedom of speech with media being faced with permanent attacks. Assaults against the constitutional system and unity of our country multiply.  And worst of all, these attacks are synchronized. The security of our country is put in jeopardy, with attempts to manipulate the public, persecute all those who think and speak differently, to silence insubordinate media outlets, and to erode the national identity of Macedonians while destroying the unity of the country. We are faced with statements from the politicians from the Republic of Albania confirming that Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama is directly involved in the Macedonia crisis. The insipient of the political crisis in Macedonia was the unauthorized wiretapping. There are serious indications that this unauthorized wiretapping was orchestrated by politicians such as Edi Rama, Matteo Renzi and Zoran Zaev, supported by George Soros. To elaborate: the original plan to conduct this unauthorized wiretapping was created in Rome at a time when Zoran Verushevski was stationed there, in the Macedonian Embassy, as the person responsible for cooperation with Italian security services and for coordinating on contemporary security threats. According to Italian law, wiretapping for the needs of the state is conducted by several privately owned companies that collaborate with Italian government. This arrangement is an oddity in Europe, and it allows Italian private companies to buy equipment for interception of communications with the permission of the government.

Our indications lead us to believe that organizations tied to George Soros were financing and organizing the entire process of wiretapping of Macedonian officials. This dubious billionaire funded the purchase of the equipment as well as the process of wiretapping carried on in Macedonia, and funded the creation of the unauthorized wiretapped materials. This connection is confirmed by ex- president of the Supreme Court of the Republic of the Albania Spahiu who publicly stated that Edi Rama made a wrong move when he allied himself with Zoran Zaev, considering that the Macedonian politician is directly financed by Soros in Macedonia and knowing about the Soros involvement in the wiretapping in Republic of Macedonia.The connection between the Soros network and the wiretapping scandal in Macedonia is confirmed by the ties with Spomenka Lazarevska – spouse of the second most senior person charged in the “Coup” criminal case Zvonko Lazarevski. Spomenka Lazarevska, as we have earlier informed, has received a huge salary from the “Foundation Open Society Macedonia” as compensation for her work.Already the Macedonian public suspects that the Soros network stands behind the wiretapping. But the wiretapping was only a tool for reaching the final goal that had to be accomplished in Macedonia. The same people who organized the wiretapping affair are now behind the Tirana platform, which is a joint project of Edi Rama, Zoran Zaev and George Soros, for which the parties of ethnic Albanians in Macedonia are used merely as convenient tools to implement this platform. The final goal is destroying the unity of the Republic of Macedonia and creating a binational Republic that de facto leads to federalization.

The absolution of Zoran Verushevski and Zoran Zaev  from all charges in the “Coup” case is a strong indicator that the Special Public Prosecutor’s goal is to protect all those involved in creating the crisis in the Republic of Macedonia from responsibility.  The Special Public Prosecutor (SPO) has a task to act as a disciplinary institution that will fine everyone who disagrees with this redesigning of our country. A logical question arises, as elements of the Soros network keep using  the SPO to confront their opponents – and that is to determine to what extent is the Special Public Prosecutor’s office put under direct control of George Soros.

Because of that we plead with the Macedonian Institutions to investigate the role of the Foundation Open Society Macedonia and to investigate the work of the Soros organizations and their activities that violate the Constitution of the country. With the purpose of implementing the Tirana platform an entire network of NGO groups was  founded by the Open Society Foundation and they are preparing  to implement two new projects that they believe will influence the public opinion in Republic of Macedonia. These two projects will be executed by two contractors and by three NGOs  in Republic of Macedonia. We will reveal additional information about these two projects in the coming days.

Journalist - Contributor to Macedonian Information Agency - English language news department, Nova Makedonija daily newspaper, BBC World Service.

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