Stop Operation Soros calls on Macedonian institutions to use already existing law to examine work of NGO groups

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Stop Operation Soros called on Macedonian institutions to finally begin to take action and make sure that NGO groups are operating under the law that is specifically passed to regulate their activities. At a press conference on Sunday, SOS member Nikola Srbov said that actions by some of the NGO groups, often supported from abroad, have destabilized Macedonia and contributed to the current challenging of its territorial integrity and unitary character.
“Based on the law for associations of citizens and foundations, adopted in 2010, we call on the institutions to determine whether NGO groups have contributed toward the inflaming of national, racial or religious hatred and animosity? Whether their their actions have helped the flow of persons involved in terror activities in Macedonia, the region, in EU countries or in other countries? Whether NGO groups have worked toward the violent overthrow of the constitutional order of Macedonia? Whether they have called for a military aggression or intervention in Macedonia?”, Srbov asked at the press conference, pointing out the articles of the law which SOS believes some NGO groups may have violated.
Additional issues that should be investigated, Stop Operation Soros asked, would include whether NGO groups are influenced or led by outside persons residing abroad, or have worked outside of their founding documents.
“According to article 13 of the law, the institutions of the state should examine whether NGO groups have directly or indirectly funded political parties in Macedonia? Whether their infrastructure or resources were used by political parties? Have they affected the electoral process in Macedonia? Have they worked to direct public opinion in the country toward a political party?”, Srbov continued to ask.
In an initiative which SOS said will be distributed to a number of relevant institutions, they will be asked to examine the possible illegal flow of funding to and from NGO groups operating in Macedonia, and whether their other financial affairs are in order. Another matter of interest would be whether donations received from the Macedonian budget or from third countries were used according to Macedonian law or the laws of the donor countries.

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