The Federalist Papers Project joins a number of watchdog groups and media outlets who report on the partisan abuse of US development aid in Macedonia. After Judicial Watch announced it has filed FOIA requests to determine how and why did the US Mission in Macedonia and USAID Macedonia give estimated tens of millions to far…Continue Reading “The Federalist Papers report on the US Government - George Soros connection in Macedonia”

Leading watchdog organization Judicial Watch announced that it has filed FOIA requests to get to the bottom of the numerous programs which the US Embassy in Macedonia and USAID Macedonia have subcontracted to the George Soros led Foundation Open Society Macedonia, as well as to determine the causes for the partisan behavior of the Embassy - “The…Continue Reading “Judicial Watch files FOIA requests over US Embassy funding of Soros groups in Macedonia”

Seven US members of the House of Representatives, who recently called out Ambassador to Macedonia Jess Baily and the local USAID mission for partisanship and for funding the George Soros led groups in Macedonia, say they are dissatisfied with the response they received and are launching an investigation. A letter addressed to Comptroller General Gene…Continue Reading “House members initiate GAO investigation over US Embassy Macedonia’s partisanship, ties to George Soros”

Nikola Srbov from Stop Operation Soros - Macedonia published more details about how funding USAID provided to George Soros led NGO groups in Macedonia was used to bolster the SDSM party, its protests and affiliated media outlets. In a Facebook post, Srbov says that, in response to SOS disclosures, USAID Macedonia is begining to publish…Continue Reading “Srbov details how USAID funding was used to support SDSM”

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US House Representative Trent Franks (R-AZ) has condemned the decision by the US Embassy in Macedonia to enter a strategic partnership with the George Soros led Foundation Open Society. In an interview with the Macedonian Television, Franks has not minced words about the activities of the US Embassy, saying that its actions are a significant…Continue Reading “Representative Franks: We don’t want to fund riots in the streets!”

Fox News reported on the efforts by a group of House representatives led by Christopher Smith (R-NJ) and Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) to investigate the activities of the US Embassy in Macedonia, and its funding of far left George Soros founded organizations. In a State Department response provided to Sen. Lee, it is confirmed that…Continue Reading “Fox News reports on calls by Congressmen to investigate activities by US Embassy in Macedonia”

SiriusXM host Lee Stranahan spoke with Cvetin Chilimanov from Stop Operation Soros - Macedonia about the ways in which the Obama administration abused its foreign aid programs to support far left groups in Macedonia, producing protests and political instability. The interview details the type of groups Soros had created in Macedonia, including far left media…Continue Reading “Breitbart reports on the US taxpayer funded “Soros Army” in Macedonia”


Breitbart News Daily host Lee Stranahan had Cvetin Chilimanov from Stop Operation Soros - Macedonia on his radio show on Friday morning. Full interview, in which Chilimanov and Stranahan discussed what George Soros funded groups are doing in the Republic of Macedonia and the extent they received support from the US Government during the Obama…Continue Reading “Breitbart News Daily on George Soros activities in Macedonia”

Fox News devoted a news segment to the abuse of foreign development assistance to Macedonia during the Obama administration to support far left Soros founded groups with ties to the Social-Democratic Party SDSM. Host Julie Banderas had Brad Blakeman and David Mercer to discuss the reports of political abuse of programs that should be meant…Continue Reading “Fox News raises issue of Obama administration support for Soros led groups in Macedonia”

A group of George Soros funded NGO groups, which were the focus of allegations of coordinating their activities with the SDSM political party during the creation of the political crisis in Macedonia, gathered for a retreat in Ohrid early this week to coordinate their future moves. “In defense of the civil society” was the title…Continue Reading “George Soros groups plot their next moves in lake Ohrid retreat”

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) has called on US Ambassador to Macedonia Jess Baily to explain his actions, such as giving significant financial assistance to partisan and far left NGO groups from the George Soros led Open Society Foundation, and supporting the Social-Democratic Party (SDSM) throughout the political crisis. This comes as a number of members…Continue Reading “Senator Mike Lee seeks accountability from US Ambassador in Macedonia”

(Facebook post by Stop Operation Soros co-founder Nikola Srbov) Nobody is entitled to his own facts, not even the courts you threaten us with. Facts say that from 2011 up to and including 2014, a total of 16.034.352 USD were delivered to the accounts of 96 non-Governmental organizations based in the Republic of Macedonia. This…Continue Reading “Srbov: Excluding USAID, NGOs in Macedonia received 16.034.352 USD between 2011 and 2014”


It’s Time to Reel in the Obama-Appointed Ambassador Who Meddled in Macedonian Politics - is the title of Heritage Foundation’s senior fellow Michael Gonzalez. The article, published in Heritage’s The Daily Signal, notes that Ambassador Jess Baily has brought scrutiny onto himself, by supporting the creation of a coalition between left wing and Islamic based…Continue Reading “Michael Gonzalez, Senior Heritage Fellow - It’s Time to Reel In The Obama Appointed Ambassador to Macedonia”

Stop Operation Soros - Macedonia held a press conference on Saturday to present details on the funding which Foundation Open Society Macedonia (FOOM) has given to about two dozen groups, some of which operate across Macedonia, and others that are local NGOs. SOS detailed funding which these groups received from the George Soros led foundation…Continue Reading “Stop Operation Soros Reveals Funding and Political Allegiance of Dozens of Organizations”

Original article: Stop Operation Soros is a movement that have recently started in Macedonia. The short form from Stop Operation Soros is the international code signal for help. The movement range is in two directions: provides assistance in the desorosoization process in Macedonia, but also seeks help from the Macedonian citizens, if they have…Continue Reading “Interview for – We are extremely emboldened by the response we received in Washington”