L. Todd Wood in the Washington Times – Soros working his mischief again in Macedonia power fight

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Today’s Washington Times carries an opinion by writer and foreign correspondent L. Todd Wood on how the Obama administration was pushing left wing policies on Balkan countries, including Macedonia, with dire warnings for the future. “Anyone familiar with recent history in the Balkans knows that the region is a myriad of tribes and factions, which have engaged in brutal hostilities from time to time over the last few centuries. The last tribal areas the U.S. government intervened in order to push the Soros agenda were Iraq and Syria. Those operations didn’t turn out so well, and Europe is still paying the price as millions of migrants flood the continent, urged on by Mr. Soros, Mr. Obama and their supporters. That scenario may play out again if the leftist Social Democrats, backed by an alliance of ethnic Albanian powers, win the power struggle now playing out in Skopje.”

You can read the article, which calls for the immediate removal of Obama appointed US Ambassador to Macedonia Jess Baily here – http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/mar/2/george-soros-working-his-mischief-again-in-macedon/

Journalist - Contributor to Macedonian Information Agency - English language news department, Nova Makedonija daily newspaper, BBC World Service.

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