Former Justice Minister Manevski – Soros NGOs themselves bragged about training for protests

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Former Justice Minister Mihajlo Manevski writes that by now, it is clear to the informed public in Macedonia that the Soros led group of NGO organizations, which receive significant public funding from the United States and other countries, were used to help prepare the often violent protests of 2015-2016. Manevski cites documents posted by Soros funded NGOs themselves, in which they boast about how they prepared and trained.

“Things have gone so far that, with an unprecedented insolence, it is pointed out that trainings that had been done, were confirmed on protested. Thus, in FOOM’s report for 2014, it is said the Metamorphosis Foundation enlarged and strengthened the alternative infrastructure for informing and mobilizing the people by using new technologies. ‘Through a sequence of trainings, mentorships, and tactical support of their efforts, and through an online promotion of thematic networks of NGOs and independent media, the capacity of the core of NGOs, activists, and intellectuals for using the new technologies was strengthened’. The gradual success of adopting this type of acting by the civil sector “was evident in the increased effect of using new technologies during organizing, taking place, and reporting on the protests in the second half of 2014, among which the student protests, the freelancer protests, the GTC protests etc! Metamorphosis Foundation carried on these activities in 2015 as well. Undoubtedly, the result of the new technologies was checked and confirmed at the protests, and that is enlisted as a success”. Manevski writes.

The former Justice Minister dismisses the complaints which these organizations have now began issuing, as closer public scrutiny began to be applied on their activities. Manevski says that the NGOs are now shedding crocodile tears and complain to diplomatic representatives about the alleged attacks they are faced with, when in fact they face natural questions from the public, over their activities, especially considering the public source of funding they often received.

His comments, published in daily Dnevnik, were translated by the news site:

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