Dignitatis Humanae Institute – Macedonia fights back against the Soros cultural imperialism machine

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The Vatican based Dignitatis Humanae Institute, a think-tank founded to protect and promote human dignity, reported on the efforts to  push back against the efforts to impose far left policies and view-points in Macedonia, through the George Soros led network and with the financial aid of Obama administration.

The Institute for Human Dignity reports that, while Macedonia was working to break free from the shackles of the old Socialist regime in Yugoslavia, it remains plagued by subversive influences. “In today’s world, this intrusion does not come from their territorial neighbours to the north but from a stateless meddler calling itself the ‘Open Society Foundation’ — an intrusion that Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Poposki rejects as “unacceptable” and which constitute a “destabilisation of the country”. Founded by George Soros, the Open Society Foundation – Macedonia (FOSM) has pumped millions of dollars into promoting cultural leftist programmes and initiatives. These include the Platform for Citizens Oriented Politics, Journalists for Human Rights, and an LGBT Support Centre — all funded under the illusion of impartiality. Activists in these organizations have even been pictured wearing T-shirts with the slogan ‘Soros Army.’ Former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski (2006 – 2016), the current leader of the largest party in the Parliament, has called for a “de-soros-ization” of Macedonia.”, the Institute writes.
The Institute says that Macedonia’s traditionally conservative citizens are pressured to accept a political view that is alien to them, and that this was done by abusing funds provided by the American taxpayers, a situation that is currently being investigated.

You can read the entire article on the Dignitatis Humanae website:

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