Remarks by Mr. Nikola Srbov, during the Stop Operation Soros press conference on Wednesday, March 29th 2017 Respected members of the media. The Republic of Macedonia is under a strong attack in the most vital areas of the country and its society. Today Macedonia is faced with attacks on the security system, attacks on its…Continue Reading “Stop Operation Soros warns of Italian link in Macedonian wiretapping case”

The Vatican based Dignitatis Humanae Institute, a think-tank founded to protect and promote human dignity, reported on the efforts to  push back against the efforts to impose far left policies and view-points in Macedonia, through the George Soros led network and with the financial aid of Obama administration. The Institute for Human Dignity reports that, while…Continue Reading “Dignitatis Humanae Institute – Macedonia fights back against the Soros cultural imperialism machine”

Macedonia color revolution protest

George Soros came to Macedonia shortly after the country declared independence from the collapsing Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The population voted for independence in order to avoid the spreading Balkan wars and to replace the one-party socialist police state with a democratic and free market society. But, the old nomenclature and Soros had other…Continue Reading “Why Stop Operation Soros in Macedonia?”

David Bossie

David Bossie is head of the legendary free speech organization Citizens United and was a top Donald Trump campaign advisors Interviewed for The World According to Soros documentary (Kontrabanda production, 2016), Bossie said that “if George Soros is getting backing of the US Government in countries around the world… that’s a problem”. The United States…Continue Reading “David Bossie on USAID/Soros activities in Macedonia: “if George Soros is getting backing of the US Government in countries around the world… that’s a problem””

george soros

A New Yorker article from 1995 is probably the seminal piece on how George Soros got involved in the then newly independent Republic of Macedonia, and how even then he worked to support only the left side of the political divide, even when faced with rampant allegations that the former Communist Party it is rigging…Continue Reading “How Soros came to Macedonia, as seen by The New Yorker in 1995”