Nikola Srbov from Stop Operation Soros – Macedonia published more details about how funding USAID provided to George Soros led NGO groups in Macedonia was used to bolster the SDSM party, its protests and affiliated media outlets. In a Facebook post, Srbov says that, in response to SOS disclosures, USAID Macedonia is begining to publish…Continue Reading “Srbov details how USAID funding was used to support SDSM”

rep franks

US House Representative Trent Franks (R-AZ) has condemned the decision by the US Embassy in Macedonia to enter a strategic partnership with the George Soros led Foundation Open Society. In an interview with the Macedonian Television, Franks has not minced words about the activities of the US Embassy, saying that its actions are a significant…Continue Reading “Representative Franks: We don’t want to fund riots in the streets!”

(Facebook post by Stop Operation Soros co-founder Nikola Srbov) Nobody is entitled to his own facts, not even the courts you threaten us with. Facts say that from 2011 up to and including 2014, a total of 16.034.352 USD were delivered to the accounts of 96 non-Governmental organizations based in the Republic of Macedonia. This…Continue Reading “Srbov: Excluding USAID, NGOs in Macedonia received 16.034.352 USD between 2011 and 2014”

usaid macedonia protests

The conservative VMRO-DPMNE party accused the George Soros funded Foundation Open Society Macedonia (FOSM) of preparing for a new round of incitement of violent protests. This warning comes after FOSM and several affiliated organizations began distributing funds from the latest USAID awarded grant worth a total of 9,5 million USD. VMRO-DPMNE blames the far left…Continue Reading “VMRO-DPMNE says it will not allow new USAID/Soros project to lead to violent protests”


Rod Dreher, senior editor with The American Conservative, published two articles in September and October 2016 which focused on the abuse of USAID programs in Macedonia to support far left movements, primarily the Soros funded FOOM foundation. At the heart of “America’s Culture War Mercenaries” were two relatively smaller grants, one of which was openly…Continue Reading “Rod Dreher writes in the American Conservative about the ideological abuse of USAID programs in Macedonia”

David Bossie

David Bossie is head of the legendary free speech organization Citizens United and was a top Donald Trump campaign advisors Interviewed for The World According to Soros documentary (Kontrabanda production, 2016), Bossie said that “if George Soros is getting backing of the US Government in countries around the world… that’s a problem”. The United States…Continue Reading “David Bossie on USAID/Soros activities in Macedonia: “if George Soros is getting backing of the US Government in countries around the world… that’s a problem””

helle c. dale

Interview with Helle C. Dale, Senior Fellow in Public Diplomacy studies at the Heritage Foundation, for daily Dnevnik published in on September 18th 2016. In it, Dale advocates that Congress should review the awarding of numerous programs to Soros groups in Macedonia and other countries in Europe. Is this only an issue in Macedonia, or…Continue Reading “Heritage Senior Fellow: Congress should review the numerous programs Soros groups got from the US Government”