Heritage’s Gonzalez details how Ambassador Baily hijacked US foreign policy in Macedonia

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Senior Heritage Foundation fellow Mike Gonzalez, who called on the Trump Administration to remove Obama appointed US Ambassador to Macedonia Jess Baily, writes a detailed update on the attempt to put together a left wing led Government in Macedonia.

“Whatever comes from these efforts, the political parties that the U.S. ambassador was helping negotiate—the leftist Social Democratic Union and three ethnic Albanian-based parties, the Democratic Union for Integration, Besa, and the Alliance of Albanians—did on Sunday reach an agreement to form a government. But Macedonia’s president, Gjorge Ivanov, on Wednesday refused to give the Social Democratic Union a mandate to form a government because its leader, Zoran Zaev, acquiesced to the Albanian parties’ demand that Albanian become an official language throughout Macedonia. The parties worked out the language deal next door in Tirana, Albania—one of the reasons Ivanov cited for withholding the mandate.”

Gonzalez’s article in The Daily Signal – available here – informs on the on-going efforts of members of Congress and Judicial Watch to shed light on the unprecedented level of support which left wing parties and NGO groups received from the United States, as well as diplomatic interference in the coalition making process. But Gonzalez warns about another side effect of the partisan abuse of US foreign policy in Macedonia.

“Putin’s Kremlin routinely and opportunistically tries to maneuver itself into the politics of Europe. Senior Whitehall sources say it plotted to assassinate Montenegro’s prime minister last year. In Macedonia, too, it has tried to portray itself as being on the side of the conservative VMRO, which leads the present government and won the most votes in the Dec. 11 elections. Even an article I wrote last month was quoted at length by Russia’s Sputnik International.

Reuters reported that on Thursday, March 2, Russia accused Albania, NATO, and the European Union of trying to impose a pro-Albanian government on Macedonia. Far from backing pro-Putin policies, however, VMRO has long been a staunchly pro-U.S., pro-NATO party.

But our embassies’ notorious support for Soros and his progressive policies does irritate traditional-minded people in Macedonia and elsewhere.

“Some of my conservative friends in Macedonia are now telling me, ‘I hate America,’” Jason Miko, an American businessman who has been visiting the Balkan country for over two decades, told me. “They don’t really hate America. They hate what the Obama administration has done.” “If Soros wants to spend his own money, then let him, but when he starts using taxpayer money it’s something else,” said Miko, Macedonia’s honorary consul in Arizona.”

Journalist - Contributor to Macedonian Information Agency - English language news department, Nova Makedonija daily newspaper, BBC World Service.

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