Judicial Watch announced that it is taking action against the State Department and USAID, after they failed to respond to a freedom of information request regarding their funding of far left George Soros led groups in Macedonia. Judicial Watch is now suing the State Department and USAID demanding that they provide all of their records…Continue Reading “Judicial Watch sues State Department and USAID to receive information about their Soros connections in Macedonia”

New York Post, one of the best selling American newspapers, carried an editorial by the Heritage Foundation’s Michael Gonzalez, in which he objects to the glacial pace of change in the State Department under the new Trump administration. According to Gonzalez, the slow rate of change is allowing left over diplomats from the Obama administration…Continue Reading “New York Post editorial – Why the ‘Trump’ State Department still loves George Soros”

USAID Macedonia, which stands accused of using public funds to support left wing parties, NGO groups and media outlets in Macedonia, is now preparing to add another news outlet to the list it controls. The Zurnal.net news site reports that USAID Macedonia is putting significant financial resources at the disposal of the Makfax news agency….Continue Reading “USAID Macedonia plans to create yet another left-wing news outlet with taxpayers’ money”