Remarks by Mr. Nikola Srbov, during the Stop Operation Soros press conference on Wednesday, March 29th 2017 Respected members of the media. The Republic of Macedonia is under a strong attack in the most vital areas of the country and its society. Today Macedonia is faced with attacks on the security system, attacks on its…Continue Reading “Stop Operation Soros warns of Italian link in Macedonian wiretapping case”

The Daily Caller writes how the Obama Administration involved itself in Macedonian elections, trying to tip the scales in favor of the left SDSM party by funding its affiliated, George Soros funded network of NGO’s. TDC reports that Obama appointed US Ambassador Jess Baily, who has been called out by members of the House and…Continue Reading “The Daily Caller: Ambassador Baily called to explain himself on Capitol Hill”

Heritage Foundation’s Senior Fellow Michael Gonzalez has called for the new administration to revoke Obama’s Ambassador to Macedonia Jess Baily and explained in detail how USAID funding was abused for political gains. In his latest comment, published by the Daily Signal (available here) Gonzalez takes on the fallacy that, if Macedonians object to the way…Continue Reading “Heritage on Macedonia: We don’t have to choose between Putin and George Soros”

Here’s an opportunity for President Trump and Secretary Tillerson to pay some serious attention, writes Victor Gaetan in the American Spectator, in his detailed report on the abuse of development grants by the US Embassy in Macedonia and the USAID Mission. The article titled “Macedonia to George Soros and USAID: Go Away” quotes Macedonian and…Continue Reading “American Spectator reports – “Macedonia to George Soros and USAID: Go Away””

Americans for Tax Reform issued a press release to inform on the activities of members of the House and the Senate to investigate the politically driven funding of programs in Macedonia, by the US Embassy and the USAID Mission. With numerous allegations that projects were given to left wing parties and groups tied to George…Continue Reading “Americans for Tax Reform – “Not a penny should be used to interfere in Balkan domestic politics””

Former Justice Minister Mihajlo Manevski writes that by now, it is clear to the informed public in Macedonia that the Soros led group of NGO organizations, which receive significant public funding from the United States and other countries, were used to help prepare the often violent protests of 2015-2016. Manevski cites documents posted by Soros funded…Continue Reading “Former Justice Minister Manevski – Soros NGOs themselves bragged about training for protests”

The Vatican based Dignitatis Humanae Institute, a think-tank founded to protect and promote human dignity, reported on the efforts to  push back against the efforts to impose far left policies and view-points in Macedonia, through the George Soros led network and with the financial aid of Obama administration. The Institute for Human Dignity reports that, while…Continue Reading “Dignitatis Humanae Institute – Macedonia fights back against the Soros cultural imperialism machine”

Judicial Watch published its FOIA request which is part of their investigation into the abuse of United States foreign aid in Macedonia for political purposes. reports that as part of the request, Ambassador Jess Baily will need to hand over his correspondence with George Soros led groups in Macedonia, to help investigate the process…Continue Reading “As part of the Judicial Watch investigation, Ambassador Baily will need to hand over his communication with Soros groups”

Six American Senators sent a letter to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson asking him to investigate the meddling of Obama administration diplomats in the domestic political situation in Macedonia by favoring the left political side, and asking him to stop the practice of funding NGO programs led by the George Soros Open Society Foundation. The…Continue Reading “Six Senators call on Secretary Rex Tillerson to investigate abuse in US Embassy – Macedonia”

Stop Operation Soros called on Macedonian institutions to finally begin to take action and make sure that NGO groups are operating under the law that is specifically passed to regulate their activities. At a press conference on Sunday, SOS member Nikola Srbov said that actions by some of the NGO groups, often supported from abroad,…Continue Reading “Stop Operation Soros calls on Macedonian institutions to use already existing law to examine work of NGO groups”

Senior Heritage Foundation fellow Mike Gonzalez, who called on the Trump Administration to remove Obama appointed US Ambassador to Macedonia Jess Baily, writes a detailed update on the attempt to put together a left wing led Government in Macedonia. “Whatever comes from these efforts, the political parties that the U.S. ambassador was helping negotiate—the leftist…Continue Reading “Heritage’s Gonzalez details how Ambassador Baily hijacked US foreign policy in Macedonia”

Today’s Washington Times carries an opinion by writer and foreign correspondent L. Todd Wood on how the Obama administration was pushing left wing policies on Balkan countries, including Macedonia, with dire warnings for the future. “Anyone familiar with recent history in the Balkans knows that the region is a myriad of tribes and factions, which have…Continue Reading “L. Todd Wood in the Washington Times – Soros working his mischief again in Macedonia power fight”

The Federalist Papers Project joins a number of watchdog groups and media outlets who report on the partisan abuse of US development aid in Macedonia. After Judicial Watch announced it has filed FOIA requests to determine how and why did the US Mission in Macedonia and USAID Macedonia give estimated tens of millions to far…Continue Reading “The Federalist Papers report on the US Government – George Soros connection in Macedonia”

Leading watchdog organization Judicial Watch announced that it has filed FOIA requests to get to the bottom of the numerous programs which the US Embassy in Macedonia and USAID Macedonia have subcontracted to the George Soros led Foundation Open Society Macedonia, as well as to determine the causes for the partisan behavior of the Embassy – “The…Continue Reading “Judicial Watch files FOIA requests over US Embassy funding of Soros groups in Macedonia”